Sims Freeplay Cheats – How to Make Babies?

Every wonder how you can have babies in Sims Freeplay? Most likely you are asking this because obviously you are not yet a parent. But the common questions that are being asked is what do you do with them? And if you create one, how to you take care of them. Is it like in real life when growing babies?
sims freeplay baby guide
But before that, let us make sure that you know what are the requirement and prerequisites before you can start with babies. This is only done when you complete the Two & A Half Sims Quest which is only unlocked when you reach level 8. But you should take not that this has a time limit of 3 days and you are rewarded with a Baby Decoration Pack.
So start with, you have to remember that having a baby requires that you should have LP and simoleons. If you don’t enough money, you can always visit and get yourself the needed resources and money to complete this quest.  Of course you have to be a married couple and in the house you need a cot inside the house and you should see a blue icon that has a “Add Sim” label on it. Click it to start the whole quest.
 Like I said earlier, making a baby requires money. In this case, it requires 3 LP and would take approximately 24 hours for the baby to show in your game. When it does appear, it is gonna be exactly like the first time when you created your first sim. You get to select the gender, name, skin, eyes and the outfit of your baby.
So now that you have your baby, it will stay inside the cot until another sim tries to interact with it. Here are some of the list that you can do to interact with your baby.
how to make babies in sims freeplay
  • Change Diaper. It is vital that you keep your baby clean so like a normal baby, you need to change his/her diapers. this will only take about 8 seconds and will increase your babies hygiene.
  • Cuddle. Showing love and care is another that a baby requires from parents. In the freeplay game, cuddling your baby will greatly improve its social need and help your child grow faster. This only takes about 30 seconds to complete.
  • Entertain. You also don’t want your baby to be bored and unhappy. So you need to entertain and do some chatting with your baby. Takes about 60 seconds and this will increase your child’s entertainment needs.
  • Feed. Finally, like a normal human being, babies need to feed and they sure eat and drink a lot. So you have to watch all the time this need for you baby to grow and mature. Takes about 2 minutes so satisfy your babies hunger needs.
 I know you will be asking this. What about the bladder needs for my baby? Remember we replaced the diapers for our child? That will take care of the babies bladder needs because naturally like a normal baby, they will just pee or poop on the diaper. So all you have to do is replace the diapers and that solves the problem.
There are even more options that you can choose from when you click your sim baby. Lets take a look at this:
Sims Freeplay Baby Making Tips
  • Ultimate Makeover. This is the option where you can completely change your babies identity and this includes name, gender, skin, eyes, outfit, etc. But it does come with a price. That is 12 LP for a complete makeover so I advice you do make sure you have decided that the best appearance you want for you baby when you start this quest. But of course if you have all the resource that you got for free from the site I mentioned earlier, well, its absolutely not a problem.
  • Have Birthday. No Birthday is completely without a cake, right. So you should first bake a cake for your baby which cost 5 LPs, by the way, before you can use this option. And for just 3 seconds, you can grow your baby to a toddler. And another thing. Baking and preparing your cake takes about 1 day to complete.
  • Go to Sleep.  To increase and improve your babies energy needs, you’ll havfe to put her/him to sleep for 4 hours.
  • Hibernate. Anothe form of sleep but longer and increases your babies energy. This option takes 24 hours but has way better effect than the previous option a mentioned above.

So there you have it guys. Just follow this simple steps and making babies and growing them won’t be a problem. All this adds up more experience to your sims and they all relate to real life activities. Hope you had fun!